Always wanting to take care of the planet Dinah at Woodenia tries her very best to source her wood both locally and ethically, using reclaimed, recycled wood at any given opportunity. And with the joys of living in the countryside makes full use of fallen tree’s discovered by local gardeners who are more than happy to offer her a branch or two!


And with two good size compost heaps of her own Dinah recycles all bio degradable wood chippings, saw dust and materials creating her own little eco hub, in turn nourishing and energizing her very own flower borders, shrubs and vegetable garden, ensuring that everything gets reabsorbed back into the natural circle of life.

Choosing natural methods to finish and nourish her wood projects, Dinah uses organic plant derived, food safe and

non toxic oils which do not include harmful chemicals, solvents or compounds.


Dinah also prides herself on striving with every effort in making her eco footprint as small as possible by choosing packaging either recyclable, bio gradable, compostable or reusable.


All paints used within Dinah’s artwork are non-toxic, water based and free from cadmium therefore reducing hazardous heavy metal and chemical waste being released into our environment.



'When you realise heart & earth

are spelled with the same letters

it all starts to makes sense'